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  1. Conditional registration (limited, specific, etc.) to practise unsupervised/independently in their recognised field of specialisation [the 'standard' pathway] and;
  2. Conditional registration to practise in designated Area of Need specialist positions.

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Are you preparing for the AMC MCQ examination?

The AMC MCQ exam is currently quite difficult to pass and Australia as a whole is experiencing a large shortage of doctors.

Whereas an attempt is now being made by the Australian Government to rectify the shortage of doctors, right now we need hundreds of doctors servicing those areas traditionally shunned eg rural and remote localities where oftentimes advanced facilities and equipment are lacking.

The AMC examinations address this by affording Overseas Trained Doctors (OTDs) a pathway to registration and medical practice in Australia. The AMC multiple choice question (MCQ) examination is a tough and thorough test of the principles and practices of medicine in disciplines of pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynaecology, general practice and surgery. The AMC MCQ examination is done in a day with two three hour exams, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Both parts of the AMC MCQ examination are computer administered with sittings containing 125 questions.

Overseas trained doctors (OTDs) with primary medical qualifications not recognised in Australia must gain eligibility for general registration by passing the AMC MCQ examination then the AMC Clinical examination then being awarded the AMC Certificate, and completing a period of supervised training approved by a State or Territory Medical Board.The AMC multiple choice question (MCQ) examination is held 5 times per annum. with testing centres in Adelaide, Brisbane , Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.
Numerous overseas trained doctors (OTDs) encounter difficulty with the AMC multiple choice question (MCQ) examination, however, this situation will now change with the advent of our world class online learning system for OTDs aspiring to become Australian registered doctors.

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Did you know that for certain jobs AMC exams are not necessarily required.

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Certain Locum Jobs do not need the AMC exam providing that you have enough experience as a doctor. Doctor Employment and Medical Locums can be found in our site partners.